GlobalCare™ Lawn Power 32 oz.

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Two Bottles (32 fl. oz. Each with Sprayer)
Lawn Power is a safe, non-toxic concentrated solution of naturally fermented enzymes which help decompose complex organic material in soil to simple nutrients that plants can use. Urea nitrogen is also included in the formulation to encourage beautiful, green, thick and uniform grass growth.

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GlobalCare™ Lawn Power Benefits

  • A safe, non-toxic concentrated solution of naturally fermented enzymes
  • Effectively decompose complex organic material in soil to simple nutrients
  • Nitrogen encourages green, thick and uniform grass and plant growth
  • Enzyme helps loosen the soil, making nutrients available to the grass root system
  • No need for adding other chemical products such as fertilizers

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Globalcare Lawn For The Lushest Lawn In The Neighborhood Market America Shop WebChi

Lawn Power is a safe, non-toxic concentrated solution of naturally fermented enzymes which help decompose complex organic material in soil to simple nutrients that plants can use. Urea nitrogen is also included in the formulation to encourage beautiful, green, thick and uniform grass growth. Lawn Power helps loosen the soil, making vital nutrients and trace elements available to the grass root system, allowing healthier development of the root system. Lawns treated with specific concentrations of Lawn Power formula display an increase in healthy lawn growth without the need for adding other chemical products such as fertilizers.

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Enzymes are proteins which help accelerate the process of chemical reaction. Enzymes’ function varies inside living organisms. It breaks down large molecules into smaller ones so that they can be absorbed by creatures. For example, enzymes break down the starch chains into smaller molecules such as glucose and make them absorbable by living organisms. Without enzymes, metabolism of creatures would either progress in different steps or not be fast enough to serve the needs of the cell.

Nitrogen is an essential part of amino acids and nucleic acids, both of which are essential to all life. Plants absorb nitrogen in the form of nitrates, which are present in soil from natural mineral deposits, artificial fertilizers, animal waste, and more. After absorption, nitrates are converted to nitrites by enzyme and then converted to ammonia by another enzyme.

Minerals usually come from the soil, dissolve in water and are absorbed by roots of plants. There are not always enough minerals in the soil for plant growth or plant health maintenance. For this reason, gardeners and farmers use fertilizers for lawn and plants. Nitrogen is one of the major minerals usually lacking in the soil because plants need large amounts for growth and survival. Other minerals contained in the soil are phsophorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, boron, copper, iron, chloride, manganese, molybdenum, and many more.

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What time of year is best to do the initial application?
Initial application can be made at any time during the spring, summer or fall.

Is there a temperature range beyond which it is not a good time to apply GlobalCare Lawn Power?
The temperature range for application of Lawn Power is 40 degrees F – 100 degrees F.

After first application followed by a good all-over watering, when would you apply GlobalCare Lawn Power? After first application and watering, how often do you regularly water your lawn (i.e., will it take less watering than normal)? Can people expect to have greener grass with less amount of water?
Water as needed for greener growth approximately once or twice weekly. Less water is required for greener grass when using Lawn Power. Conversely, some people just let their grass die out during the late summer because it is too costly to keep it watered and cut. In most cases, after applying Lawn Power, people can get by with watering once a week.

Is there a time of year that is best for first application? The worst time?
First application (see Item 1); worst time is when temperatures are below 40° or above 100°F.

Are there advantages to using an organic fertilizer (fish, chicken, manure, etc.) versus a chemical fertilizer?
Organic fertilizers are superior to chemical fertilizers but less is required if using Lawn Power.

The enzyme man said that people should only fertilize every three years. My expert questions that because people generally don’t let their cuttings stay on the ground as mulch in the Northwest. Also, because our grass is year-round grass, it seems that by next year the nutrients have all been cut and taken to the grass heap. Please comment.
The “grass heap” receives all the nutrients contained in the cutting. The mulch should be left on the lawn. Lawn Power will break down the mulch (thatch), leaving the clippings to re-fertilize the lawn.

Do the enzymes accelerate natural breaking down of soil to such an extent that when you quit using it the soil rapidly collapses?
No. Once the enzymes are applied, they continue to work. Re-application is recommended only in 2-3 months to replace those enzymes that may be degraded during the growing season.

Does GlobalCare Lawn Power also break up thatch? This is a big problem in our neck of the woods?
Yes. (See answer to Item 6 above)

We have low growing shrubs near a parking strip where there is no grass, but the ground is very hard. Can I spray the GlobalCare™ Lawn Power over the area to break up the ground for better growth of the shrubs? Or should I use Plant Power?
Lawn Power will prove beneficial anywhere there is hard ground.


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  1. Drew H

    I have always had trouble growing grass in my yard. A few months ago I tried out this product and it worked so well. All I did was attach the bottle to a garden hose then sprayed it evenly on the grass. I then put down fertiler and grass seed then hay and the grass grew within three weeks. I would absolutely recommend this product to any customer who has trouble growing grass or keeping the grass thick.

    Drew H

  2. Kai O

    Living in Rochester, NY we face tough winters, sometimes soggy springs and crazy summers! Lawn Power has made my lawn the greenest on the street! On my third application with watering once every 4 days, and my lawn is thicker, green, and revitalized. Oh, the neighbors with the “chemical treatments delivered by the truck” have burned lawns that are coarse and dead looking.

    Kai O

  3. Jessie B

    We recently purchase the Lawn Power as we were having a lot of trouble getting our lawn to turn green and filling in the bare spots as we live in Arizona where the temperature ranges between 110 and 115 during the month of June and there is NO moisture in the air at all. I did 2 applications with Lawn Power front and backyard after the first one I noticed a marked improvement in the lawn after the second even the bare spots have filled in. My lawn is a lot thicker also, in the front yard I would get maybe half grass catcher full and now I have to empty it twice and in the back yard I would get a full catcher and now I have to empty it 5 times. I would recommend this product to everyone. Keep up the good work with the great products.

    Jessie B

  4. Ali S

    Because of cir####stance this year we made a big garden a priority. A Victory Garden so to speak. I’m using the indoor version, Plant Power, currently but once we move the plants outside they’ll love this. I gave a bottle a botanist at the University of RI. She said the plants in the lab LOVE IT

    Ali S

  5. Kris B

    Being a new homeowner and having minimal lawn care experience, I was so distraught when I saw that my there were straw-yellow patches of grass front lawn! Simply watering it wasn’t enough to bring it back to its lush green color again so I was introduced to the Lawn Power product. Exactly a week after spraying it on my lawn, the yellow and straw-like patches of grass had been revitalized and brought back to a beautiful green. I was amazed at how fast it worked its magic. An added bonus to this product is that it smells great, it’s all natural so that I don’t have to worry about chemicals, and it’s super easy to use.

    Kris B

  6. Blair R

    Moved to SC not long ago. New sod lawn of Centipede grass 🙁 …used to use Lawn Power in PA. till the state stopped it from being shipped there. Stupid law. Now I am in love again with this product. My lawn already is the showcase of the neighborhood and still improving. Oh and I am not paying some guy in a truck to come by once a month to try to help it either.

    Blair R

  7. Jaden J

    Using lawn power was extremely easy and I had great results. I had some bare and dead spots in my lawn, now everything is green and the spots have almost filled in completely. I haven’t had to water my lawn as much either. No more harmful chemicals on my lawn!

    Jaden J

  8. Alex P

    I don’t believe chimical. It’s not healthy. I love this product because it’s safe. I saw my friend’s lawn, I loved it.

    Alex P

  9. Val L

    Lawn Power is the best. Make sure you spray evenly on your lawn, or it will be dark green/light green. It makes the yard a beautiful dark green. We have used this product for years!

    Val L

  10. Sammy G

    I used this originally to fill in a grassless spot in my back yard. After a couple of weeks I couldn’t believe it, the grass started growing back. I only treated my yard once by connecting the bottle to my water hose simple and quick. This is an amazing product.

    Sammy G

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