GlobalCare™ Pool & Spa Cleaner 32 oz.

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Single Bottle (32 fl. oz.)
GlobalCare Pool & Spa Cleaner is a multi-enzymatic formula that emulsifies and assimilates suntan lotion, body oils, grease deposits and other swimming pool, hot tub and spa contaminants. It helps inhibit algae growth by breaking down the greasy environment needed for algae to grow.

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GlobalCare™ Pool & Spa Cleaner Benefits

  • Virtually eliminates suntan lotion, body oils and grease deposits
  • Maintains water clarity
  • Lengthens filter runs
  • Inhibits algae growth
  • Preserves pool finishes
  • Eliminates need for acid washing
  • Reduces maintenance labor
  • Non-toxic
  • Biodegradable
  • Made with naturally-occurring enzymes
GlobalCare™ Pool & Spa Cleaner


GlobalCare™ Pool & Spa Cleaner

GlobalCare Pool & Spa Cleaner is a multi-enzymatic formula that emulsifies and assimilates suntan lotion, body oils, grease deposits and other swimming pool, hot tub and spa contaminants. It helps inhibit algae growth by breaking down the greasy environment needed for algae to grow. By addressing algae growth and emulsifying lotions, oils and grease, Pool & Spa Cleaner increases the filter’s effectiveness, and significantly reduces the need for additional chemicals and pool additives. In addition to being an effective pool and spa cleaner, GlobalCare Pool & Spa will also clean surrounding pool surfaces, decks, and locker and cabana areas. Pool & Spa Cleaner will clean the filter lines and filter, reducing the amount of backwashing necessary to maintain a clean and clear pool. It is an environmentally-friendly approach to cleaning pools and spas, with non-toxic, biodegradable, enzyme-based ingredients. Pool & Spa Cleaner is non-irritating to the skin and contains no known allergens. No two pools are exactly alike; they will vary in size, water chemistry, location, equipment and number of users. The recommended application of this has been designed to assure optimum performance in the average public pool. It is important that pool water be kept in proper chemical balance. GlobalCare Pool & Spa Cleaner will virtually eliminate the problems caused by undissolved lotions, oils and grease, but it cannot prevent clouding or other undesirable situations caused by such things as excessive hardness, unbalanced pH, improper filtering, etc.

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A concentrated solution of naturally fermented enzymes, water and organic stabilizers

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How much chlorine reduction can be expected when using Pool and Spa?
The reduction can be as much as 50 percent.

Is Pool and Spa compatible with Baquacil?
Yes, it is.

Will the enzymes in Pool and Spa break down bubbles from shampoos and bubble bath?
Pool and Spa contains an anti-foaming agent. It should break them down and keep them at a minimum.

Directions for Use:
GlobalCare Pool & Spa Cleaner should be added monthly directly into the pool or circulating system at a rate of ¾ of an ounce per 1000 gallons of pool water. For spas, add ¾ of an ounce to each 500 gallons of capacity. Pool & Spa Cleaner is compatible with all filtration systems and other chemicals when applied in correct concentrations.

Afterfirst application, pool should be vacuumed and filter-cleaned, since residue will fall to the bottom. For best results after first application, run filter for 24 hours, then vacuum-backwash the pool.

When first adding GlobalCare Pool and Spa Cleaner pool or spa, a slight foaming may occur; this is a harmless reaction and will dissipate quickly.

Directions for Use in Dormant Pools: Prior to draining the pool to winter level, add 2 ounces of GlobalCare Pool & Spa Cleaner per 1000 gallons of pool water. Circulate through the system for at least 20 minutes before backwashing. Allowing the Pool & Spa Cleaner to remain in the pool during the dormant period will help eliminate the need for draining and washing down with acid at the beginning of the next season.


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  1. Gabby R

    I was able to cut my other spa product in half.

    Gabby R

  2. Danny B

    In the pool every summer, saves me money on chlorine and chemicals and is safe for the kids

    Danny B

  3. Vic W

    We have been using Pool and Spa in our pool for over 20 years. The water looks and feels amazing! less chemicals needed, and we know we are doing great things for the water.

    Vic W

  4. Morgan B

    I use this product in the spa in a upscale gym that I work for. Keeps the scum line from forming around the water’s edge. I couldn’t find anything that could help me with this problem.

    Morgan B

  5. Sammy B

    Although I do not personally have a Pool or Spa; My Friends do! I am invited to their homes during the Summer and Stay for a Swim or Relaxing in the Hot Tub … I am delighted to bring them the Pool & Spa Cleaner at the beginning of the Season and be sure they have enough for the Season!

    Sammy B

  6. Aaren R

    I own a pool company, this product is AMAZING

    Aaren R

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