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Lumière de Vie® Facial Cleanser 6.7 fl. oz.

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Single Bottle (6.7 fl. oz./198 ml)

Lumière de Vie Facial Cleanser is a powerful cleanser that helps to moisturize while cleansing, refreshing and invigorating the skin. The appearance of rough, dry skin is visibly diminished, creating skin that is softer and smoother.

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Lumière de Vie® Facial Cleanser Details

Lumière de Vie Facial Cleanser Market America Shop

Lumière de Vie Facial Cleanser is a powerful cleanser that helps to moisturize while cleansing, refreshing and invigorating the skin. The appearance of rough, dry skin is visibly diminished, creating skin that is softer and smoother.


  • Thoroughly cleanses the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and invigorated
  • Helps to moisturize the skin
  • Helps reduce the appearance of rough, dry skin, leaving it looking softer and smoother


Panthenol is a precursor (pro-vitamin) to vitamin B5, has the same activity as vitamin B5, and can be converted to vitamin B5 in the skin. Panthenol has been reported to help maintain the skin’s natural barrier functions and, thus, help keep the skin hydrated. Additionally, panthenol has been suggested to help brighten the skin and maintain an even skin tone.

Allantoin has anti-irritant properties, which help protect and soothe your skin, leaving it feeling softer and smoother.

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How do I use Lumière de Vie Facial Cleanser?
Apply a dime-sized amount of Lumière de Vie Facial Cleanser to palms, and massage onto moistened face and neck using circular motions. Rinse the cleanser with warm water or a wet washcloth. Follow with Lumière de Vie Toner, treatments and Intense Rejuvenation Crème for best results.

How often should I use Lumière de Vie Facial Cleanser?
You should cleanse your face with Lumière de Vie Facial Cleanser twice daily.

I have sensitive skin will this product irritate it?
Lumière de Vie Facial Cleanser is made for all skin types and should not produce irritation. However, each person’s skin has different sensitivities.

Why is cleansing important?
Cleansing your face is important because not only are you removing impurities, pollutants, oil and makeup, but cleansing also prepares the skin for the application of treatment and moisturizing products. Clearing the pores allows treatments and moisturizer to penetrate into your skin for maximum effectiveness.

Will Lumière de Vie Facial Cleanser strip away moisture from my skin?
No, Lumière de Vie Facial Cleanser is formulated with panthenol and allantoin to hydrate your skin, and leave it feeling supple, smooth and refreshed.


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  1. Libby H

    Being an esthetician,you work w/many different skin types. Get a ton of feed back from clients. It’s an amazing feeling to hear, after making your recommendations for clients. Follow up call and they hardly let you put one word, from there excitement and how different there skin feels ..w/just one wash. Silky, clean,lush,smooth skin perfection. Loved this from a client:(Rich silk, satin wash) simply love.

    Libby H

  2. Paige M

    I really love using the lumiere products!!

    Paige M

  3. Brylee R

    This facial cleanser is the best I have ever used. It leaves my face clean, moisturized and refreshed.

    Brylee R

  4. Alisha N

    I love washing my face using this product because it really cleans my face very well without drying my skin. It looks shiny after rinsing it. Plus it saves a lot of money. I love it!

    Alisha N

  5. Aylin M

    You really get what you pay for! I know some people would be turned off by the price of this cleanser but what it did for my skin is amazing. It’s now so much smoother, softer, and there’s less redness. A little goes a long way. The milky consistency helped to hydrate my skin too. I’m just about to reorder my third bottle!

    Aylin M

  6. Heidi T

    Nice skin care product. Lasts a long time. Thank you to my knowledgeable MA rep for recommending.

    Heidi T

  7. Daniella I

    I really love this cleaner. I’ve tried them all , now I found the best. Leaves my face feeling so refreshed and invigorating. I use the Lumiere de Vie cleaner followed by Lumiere de Vie toner and I don’t have problems with dry spots on my face.

    Daniella I

  8. Alayna E

    I found the Lumiere de Vie Facial Cleanser, not only thoroughly cleansed my facial skin, but it left my facial skin refreshed and moisturised. I used this cleanser twice a day (in the morning and in the night) for the last 10 months. I no longer see rough and dry skin.

    Alayna E

  9. Simone R

    After using one month, I feel my skin is refreshed and clean for the whole day.

    Simone R

  10. Olivia P

    Powerful product very moisturize, refreshing after cleansing.

    Olivia P

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