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Motives® Glitter Pots 1 pc.

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A versatile glitter makeup for the face and body. These lightweight, fine particles of bright light add glamour to any look. Use with Glitter Pots Adhesive to add pure sparkle with added drama to your look.

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Motives® Glitter Pots Details

A versatile glitter makeup for the face and body. These lightweight, fine particles of bright light add glamour to any look. Use with Glitter Adhesive to add pure sparkle with added drama to your look.

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  • Adds sparkle to the eyes
  • Lightweight, fine particles add glitter to any makeup
  • Different colors to accentuate any eye color
  • Create subtle or bold looks with varying application

Create this Look:

  1. Apply Motives Eye Base
  2. Using Motives Mavens Element Palette
  3. Apply ‘native’ on crease as transition shade
  4. Apply Motives Khol Eyeliner in Angel on lid
  5. Apply Motives Paint Pot Mineral Eye Shadow Cha-Ching where ‘Angel’ is placed
  6. Take ‘truffle’ and apply on the outer V and blend
  7. Apply Motives Khol Eyeliner in Onyx and smudge ‘truffle’ on lower lash line. Then take Motives Glitter Pot in Karma and apply it on the tear duct

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How do I use Motives Glitter Pots?

  • Apply Motives Glitter Adhesive before Glitter Pots
  • Use Motives Eye Blender Brush to apply a heavy amount all over the lid, face or body
  • Use Motives Angled Eyeliner Brush to apply along the lash line for a subtle glitz
  • Use your finger to apply a small amount over your favorite Motives Pressed Eye Shadow or Motives Luxe Crème Eye Shadow shade to enhance the eye

Why do most people like Motives Glitter Pots? 

Motives Glitter Pots are a lightweight formula used to accentuate any look day or night. This product can be used to add a little bit of glitter or a lot, depending on your mood and also to enhance your eye shadow. Use Motives Glitter Pots alone for a funky glam look or pair with your favorite motives eye shadow.

How can I create a more toned-down look for the office?

You can create subtle or bold looks with varying application. For a more professional look use glitter sparingly. Applying a very little to the eye will catch the light and add subtle sparkle throughout the day. We suggest applying a small amount to the outer corner of the eye for a subtle look.

Can I use Motives Glitter Pots by themselves without applying any other eye shadow?

Yes, you can apply Motives Glitter Pots by themselves or pair with your favorite shade of Motives Pressed Eye Shadow. Motives Glitter Pots also looks great over top of Motives Luxe Crème Eye Shadow – the glitter really pops against the neutral background.


Do the colors of Motives Glitter Pots vary?

Yes, there are several different colors of Motives Glitter Pots – from coppery brown to vibrant plum to black. Create fun and chic looks for day or night with Motives Glitter Pots.


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  1. Amber G

    I have the aspire and celebrate glitter pots. I use it with Motives Adhesive Stick and it stays on all night when I go out. The glitter doesn’t make too much of a mess when applied. I want to get the rest of the glitter pots!

    Amber G

  2. Kassandra P

    These litterally add drama to your eyes! Add them with eye shadows or as eyeliner!! Will miss embellish!!

    Kassandra P

  3. Kayden J

    I love this color.

    Kayden J

  4. Georgina L

    This is such a fun product to use for special occassions (HOLIDAYS!!) You need to apply it on top of a creme shadow or the glitter stick, but it makes a statement and is beautiful. I’ve used it as a liner, just a touch on the very outside corner of my eye, or on top of my lid when going for a smokey eye effect. Beautiful. Indulge yourself!

    Georgina L

  5. Katie M

    It makes my makeup more dramatic! I have to use it when I go to party!

    Katie M

  6. Katie C

    I must say that I am very impressed.

    Katie C

  7. Alisha H

    I use this product as eyeliner and eyeshadow as well.This is such a fun product to use for party

    Alisha H

  8. Elsie T

    I wore this for New Year’s Eve and got many compliments. Everyone thought it was fabulous! It was easy to apply and I was surprised by how fine it is (I was expecting it to be more “chunky”, like most other brands). The only problem I ran into was that by the end of the night it was starting to fall off, but I used a cheap glitter glue from [@] and attribute it to that. Next time I’ll try it with the Motives glitter glue.

    Elsie T

  9. Esme H

    I use this product as an eye liner as well as a shadow!

    Esme H

  10. Skylar V

    I purchased the color Karma for a St. Patty’s Day look and it was perfect! I also bought the motives glitter adhesive which is a must with glitter. The glitter stayed throughout the day/night and I got tons of compliments. I already have my eyes on a few more glitter pots and I highly recommend.

    Skylar V

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