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Motives® Kabuki Brush 1 pc.

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Single Brush

A Kabuki Brush with a short, wide handle that allows for controlled application and a dense head that creates a lightweight, flawless result. A makeup kit staple, Kabuki Brush is the ideal tool for applying powder.

$17.96 $19.95

Motives® Kabuki Brush Details

A brush with a short, wide handle that allows for controlled application and a dense head that creates a lightweight, flawless result. A makeup kit staple, this brush is the ideal tool for applying powder.

ShopWebChi recommends Motives® for La La Mineral Lipstick as a perfect compliment to this product.


• Contains luxuriously soft, nylon bristles for a smooth, full coverage application
• Easily sweeps powder, blush and bronzer onto the face and body
• Large handle to allow for firm grip and more control over application
•      Designed with a flat-top brush head to achieve buildable coverage across all parts of your face

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What is the best way to use my Motives Kabuki Brush?

Swirl your Kabuki Brush through your powder. Gently tap off excess and apply to the face with circular motions, starting in the middle and working outwards.

How do I clean Motives Kabuki Brush?

Swirl brush in plain bar soap and rinse with water. Lay flat to dry to protect the bristles from shedding and prevent water from draining into the handle. 

What products does Motives Kabuki Brush work best with?

The Motives Kabuki Brush is excellent for all Motives  powders, blushes and bronzers as it easily applies products on the face and body.

Is this brush convenient for travel?

Yes, the compact size makes it great for travel.

Is this product made from cruelty-free practices?

Yes, the brush is made cruelty-free. 


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  1. Ella M

    This brush works SO WELL, the only problem is that it keeps shedding 🙁 None of my other motives brushes do this! It works great with Photo Finish Powder and Color Perfection Quad foundations

    Ella M

  2. Amara H

    I have one of these in my purse with my mineral powder, and one in my make-up drawer at home. It has dense, yet soft bristles – therefore providing a smooth, yet full coverage of your powder. I love that it’s compact for travel and the style is easy to hold.

    Amara H

  3. Melissa M

    This brush is a perfect size to have it in my purse for powder touch up. It’s a high quality and cheap price.

    Melissa M

  4. Martha W

    This is my favorite brush and so easy to use for bronzers or blushes and always looks great.

    Martha W

  5. Celia W

    I use this brush everyday to apply the luminous translucent powder. I love the feel and can also be used for your blush. This brush is a great value.

    Celia W

  6. Maddison F

    Love the soft bristles on this brush that gives me an even application with great coverage. Also, appreciate the compact size, which makes it great for carrying daily and for use when traveling. This is a high quality brush for a great price!

    Maddison F

  7. Alayah J

    Fantastic quality hairs. So incredibly soft, my clients love when I use it on their face with the mineral powders. Far better than any other kabuki brush I’ve used.

    Alayah J

  8. Isla W

    Easily sweeps powder,blush and bronzer onto the face and body,this is very cute brush.

    Isla W

  9. Lara T

    This cute brush is as soft as Silk and you can’t believe the price. It’s much softer than my MAC powder brush which cost me $55.

    Lara T

  10. Kynlee P

    I love the design. This is so easy to carry with me every where I go, especially when I travel. I also love the brush, its soft and comfort. Love it

    Kynlee P

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