Motives® Professional Nail Care Kit 1 set

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Includes Stainless Steel Nail File; Cuticle Remover; Cuticle Pusher; Cuticle Nipper; Flat-Edge Nail Clipper; Brow Tweezer and Beauty Scissors

Motives Professional Nail Care Kit seven-piece tool set for creating a flawless manicure. File, nip and clip with this kit of seven professional-grade nail tools.

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Motives® Professional Nail Care Kit Details

Motives Professional Nail Care Kit seven-piece tool set for creating a flawless manicure. File, nip and clip with this kit of seven professional-grade nail tools.

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Motives® Professional Nail Care Kit


• Multi-tool kit to keep your nails and cuticles well groomed
• High quality stainless steel components
• Compact and easily portable
• Ideal for travel

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What is included in Motives Professional Nail Care Kit?
Motives Professional Nail Care Kit includes:
• Motives Stainless Steel Nail File – Keep a polished appearance by shaping and filing your nails with the stainless steel nail file.
• Motives Cuticle Remover – Have a fresh look by keeping your cuticles trimmed.
• Motives Cuticle Pusher – Rejuvenate nail growth by pushing the cuticles back and removing dead skin with Motives Cuticle Pusher.
• Motives Cuticle Nipper – Remove unwanted cuticle skin safely with the Motives Cuticle Nipper.
• Motives Flat Edge Nail Clipper – Get your nails to a desirable length with this efficient nail clipper.
• Motives Brow Tweezers – Create shape and definition in your eyebrows with this pocket-sized brow tweezers.
• Motives Beauty Scissors – This is an especially useful tool that allows you to trim your eyebrows to a desired length. Perfect for those with thin and light eyebrows.
Is this kit durable?
Yes, its contents are made out of durable stainless steel.
Is Motives Professional Nail Care Kit convenient for grooming on the go?
Yes, it is compact and easily portable making it ideal for travel and perfect for any quick fix or manicures on the go.
Is Motives Professional Nail Care Kit easy to use?
Yes, it is easy to use and has all you need for perfectly manicured nails.


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  1. Leigh B

    I got mine when it first came out and will never have to use junky manicure tools ever again. They’re so well crafted and easily sterilized.

    Leigh B

  2. Gail H

    Great quality and the tweezers actually work real well! I’m impressed and more than satisfied with this nail kit!

    Gail H

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