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Prime™ Vision Eye Health Formula 30 Servings

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Single Bottle (30 Servings)

The nutrient combination used in Prime Vision Eye Health Formula represents the second generation of the highly recognized and respected AREDS2 study, a multi-year research project dedicated to finding a nutritional solution for maintaining healthy eyes in aging adults. This widely researched and carefully compiled formula contains the same ingredients in identical amounts as those used in the AREDS2 study.

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  • Promotes healthy vision
  • Helps support healthy eye tissue and blood flow
  • Promotes healthy macular density
  • Helps to maintain eye health as you age
  • Uses recommended amounts of FloraGlo® lutein and zeaxanthin, as used in the AREDS2 study

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product(s) is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Product Classifications

Prime™ Vision Eye Health Formula

Gluten-Free – The finished product contains no detectable gluten (<10ppm gluten)

Vegan – The product is made without ingredients produced by or derived from animals

Why Choose Prime Vision Eye Health Formula?

The nutrient combination used in Prime Vision Eye Health Formula represents the second generation of the highly recognized and respected AREDS2 study, a multi-year research project dedicated to finding a nutritional solution for maintaining healthy eyes in aging adults. This widely researched and carefully compiled formula contains the same ingredients in identical amounts as those used in the AREDS2 study.*

Prime Vision Eye Health Formula promotes healthy macular density, promotes healthy vision and supports healthy aging of the eyes. Its formulation is based on the most extensive clinical study to date, dedicated to protecting one of the most important assets to health that we have.*

The key ingredient is FloraGLO® lutein, specially patented for its unique purification process and stability. As the most widely used carotenoid for investigative studies and clinical trials relating to vision health, FloraGLO® lutein represents the first choice for retaining and maintaining vision health.*

The nutritional base of this formula consists of two antioxidant vitamins — C and E. Along with the minerals zinc and copper, these nutrients combine to help maintain eye health as you age.*

Bilberry, another powerful antioxidant, provides synergistic support to these vitamins and minerals by promoting vascular strength and healthy circulation. This formula also uses zeaxanthin, a powerful carotenoid that supports the body’s normal ability to form macular pigment.*

Prime Vision Eye Health Formula contains clinically-proven nutrients to help maintain lens transparency and structural integrity of cone cells within the eyes. This formula also helps support the health of the cells of the retina and blood vessels while promoting healthy oxygen and nutrient flow to the eyes, while helping to protect them from oxidative stress.*

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Lutein (FloraGLO®) (10 mg)
Lutein is a naturally occurring carotenoid found in many fresh fruits and vegetables. Of the more than 600 carotenoids found in nature, lutein is one of only two carotenoids specifically located in the macula of the eye. It acts as an antioxidant to protect the eye from free radicals and supports macular pigment density. FloraGLO lutein is sourced from marigold flowers and purified from marigold flower oleoresin. It naturally contains zeaxanthin and is the world’s leading patented, purified lutein. FloraGLO lutein is used in more clinical trials than any other lutein and has been shown to support eye health and maintain healthy skin. Several studies have confirmed its effects on helping to maintain healthy visual function. Additionally, FloraGLO Lutein is the source of lutein chosen by the investigators of the AREDS2 study, sponsored by the National Eye Institute of the National Institutes of Health. This ongoing clinical study being conducted in the USA is set to evaluate the efficacy of 10 mg lutein and 2 mg zeaxanthin alone and/or in combination with 1 g omega-3 fatty acids to promote eye health. Another recent study showed that lutein and zeaxanthin promote vision health in healthy young adults.*

Zeaxanthin (2 mg)
Like lutein, zeaxanthin is a naturally occurring carotenoid found in many fresh fruits and vegetables and is one of only two carotenoids concentrated in the eye. Zeaxanthin is the most powerful antioxidant carotenoid found in the retina. As an antioxidant, it serves to protect the eye from free radicals. Much scientific evidence suggests that zeaxanthin is beneficial for eye health and may promote healthy macular density.

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) (75 mg)
Vitamin C promotes healthy vision and macular density.

Vitamin E (d-Alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate) (33 IU
Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant which helps to protect the eye from reactive oxygen species (ROS). It helps maintain epithelial cell health. The function of the epithalamus, located in the brain’s thalamus, is to pass on nerve signals for the senses and movement. Also, supplementation with antioxidants, such as vitamin C or E, and zinc appears to promote healthy macular density.

Zinc (Lactate) (7 mg)
Zinc plays a key role in the maintenance of healthy vision. It is present in high concentrations in the eye, particularly in the retina and choroid. Supplementation with antioxidants, such as vitamin C or E, and zinc, appears to promote healthy macular density. Zinc, in combination with vitamin A and other nutrients, appears to support normal plasma membranes in the photoreceptors, support the body’s regulation of the light-rhodopsin reaction within the photoreceptor, promote normal modulation of synaptic transmissions, and serves as an antioxidant in both the RPE and retina.

Copper (Gluconate) (100 mcg)
Copper-containing enzymes, such as superoxide dismutase, have been shown to be highly effective in neutralizing oxygen radicals, which promotes eye health. Studies have shown that high levels of superoxide dismutase promote eye health.

Bilberry (Mirtoselect® 36 percent anthocyanosides) (50 mg)
The active components of bilberry, flavonoid anthocyanosides, are powerful antioxidants with a particular affinity for the eye and vascular tissues. Bilberry supplementation supports healthy vision. Bilberry’s effectiveness for promoting night vision is contradictory, though some research has suggested that bilberry supplementation promotes healthy night vision. Bilberry acts as an antioxidant. It appears to promote healthy circulation, particularly to the small capillaries that deliver oxygen and nutrients to the eyes.

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  1. Chris M

    I’ve been having trouble with my eyes and since I’ve been taking this product it has helped me quite a bit

    Chris M

  2. Beau K

    The sincerity of Market America made me choose these high-quality health products to be responsible for my health! Only then chose Market America!

    Beau K

  3. Caden S

    I have dry eyes that are often irritated and red. Since using this product along with my eye drops , the irritation is little to none! I will continue to use this forever! What a relief !

    Caden S

  4. Adam T

    I’m 60 and regularly drive in both urban and rural settings at night. The glaring headlights were a real problem – Prime Vision greatly improved my ability to see in those cir####stances… I’m safer; you’re safer! (Though it would still be nice if you turned off your brights when others are around!)

    Adam T

  5. Sebastian W

    I’m on my computer and phone constantly. My eyes can get tired and I am concerned about my eye health. With use of this product, my vision has not changed! This product is part of my daily routine to keep my eyesight the way it is now! I’m glad I was introduced to this product while I still have great eyesight!

    Sebastian W

  6. Conrad F

    I used this product for about 3-4 months but not consistently. I only wear contacts every single day from 8am – about 10pm at night. When I went to my yearly eye exam, I expected my vision to get worse like it always has at every yearly exam. But not this time. My vison actually stayed the same from last year. I was shocked and pretty proud. I didn’t Prime Vision would benefit but it 100% did. Let’s see how next year goes!

    Conrad F

  7. Alex B

    My doctor has commented that my eyes are exceptionally healthy for my age. By this time most ppl have MD or cataracts. I feel with all my eye related work that this product in the anti-aging line is a healthy support for preserving my healthy but aging eyesight. I won’t go a day without it. My eyes deserve the same health support as my body.

    Alex B

  8. Harley M

    I have been taking this for over a year and I actually had to get my glasses changed to a lesser strength. I am very happy with this product and will keep taking it.

    Harley M

  9. Maisie R

    My husband and I started taking Prime Vision about 3 years ago. At our last eye appointment I asked my doctor to go back three years and let me know if our vision had changed at all. I was expecting it to have stayed the same or gotten worse since we both turned 65 this year. The doctor informed us that our vision has improved every year since starting it. I love having proof that it works! Worth every penny!

    Maisie R

  10. Alex J

    My vision appears to be better with this product

    Alex J

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